13 Small Business Ideas in Asia: Zero to Low Investment Ventures


Entrepreneurship knows no boundaries, and with determination, anyone can start a business, regardless of age or background. For those seeking opportunities with minimal investment, we’ve compiled a list of 13 small business ideas in Asia that can be pursued with zero or low investment. These ideas cater to diverse interests, enabling individuals to turn their passion into profitable ventures.

1. Custom-made Gift Store:

If creativity is your forte, consider opening a custom-made gift store. Design or procure unique gifts and sell them in your store, tapping into the market for personalized and thoughtful presents.

2. Fitness Center:

Open a fitness center to cater to health-conscious individuals. This business can be managed part-time, making it an ideal venture for college students or anyone passionate about promoting fitness.

3. Event Management:

Utilize your event organizing skills to become an event manager. Specialize in budget-friendly events, ensuring memorable experiences for clients while managing costs effectively.

4. Interior Designing:

Interior designing is in high demand, offering opportunities for creative individuals. With some investment, you can start an interior designing business, transforming spaces and making homes aesthetically appealing.

5. Grocery Store:

Open a neighborhood grocery store, a business that doesn’t require advanced degrees. With a few family members contributing their time, this venture can provide a steady income.

6. Wedding Planner:

Inject fun and creativity into weddings by becoming a wedding planner. Plan weddings within budget constraints, providing a blend of entertainment and elegance for guests.

7. Home Tuitions:

If you have a passion for teaching and spare time, offer home tuitions. Help students excel in their studies while earning money from the comfort of your home.

8. Fast Food Centre:

If you excel in Chinese or fast food preparation, consider opening a fast food center. This venture caters to food lovers and can be a lucrative business idea.

9. SEO Consultant:

Enter the digital realm by offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Help website owners optimize their online presence, improving their visibility and attracting more visitors.

10. Web Designer:

Utilize your web design skills to offer website development services. Design attractive and functional websites for clients, tapping into the growing demand for online presence.

11. Jewelry Making:

Embrace your creativity as a jewelry maker. Craft unique jewelry pieces that appeal to customers, capitalizing on the enduring popularity of jewelry, especially among women.

12. Freelance Writing:

Explore the world of freelance writing on platforms like Freelancer.in and freelancer.com. If you have a passion for writing, embark on this journey to contribute content and earn money.

13. Bookstore:

If you have a love for books, open a bookstore. Curate a diverse collection of books, catering to various interests and age groups, fostering a love for reading within your community.


Starting a business doesn’t always require substantial investment. With creativity, determination, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, these 13 small business ideas in Asia offer a pathway to financial independence and fulfillment. Pursue your passion and turn it into a thriving venture, proving that with the right idea, success knows no financial boundaries.

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